April 12, 2009

hey everyone! as I’m sure you can tell from the title, i am, in fact, back from NYC. i mostly had an amazing time… except on Saturday morning was probably the worst day of my life besides the night. i suppose you had to be there, but i will try to make it sound as horrible as it was.

so i got there Friday. we checked into our TINY hotel room on the 22nd floor. i personally do not see the reason that anyone needs to be that high up in the air. all tall buildings do is fall and die. luckily, this one did not.
Friday afternoon we went shopping and such, it was fun… then Friday night we went to the wax museum (or, as someone from my school would call it, wax world.). that was insanely awesome because you could hardly even tell who was real or who’s not… it was so funny, there was one who was posed as a random person, no one famous, and they were holding a camera looking like they were taking a picture of something else. my mom literally ducked under it it was so funny! a lot of other people did, too, but i could tell. okay so also at the wax museum was this amazing thing- a 4D movie! it was like this other theater they have at Jordan’s furniture, except i honestly think it wasn’t as good. it was staged with it was a spongebob episode type thing… he was chasing a pickle or something like that πŸ˜› so basically all was special was the seat vibrated when plankton came after us with a saw thing… and it sprayed you with water and blew air on the back of ur neck to make you jump a bit lol. and it blew bubbles at us a few times, cuz you know it happens underwater where there are bubbles. (also it was in 3D lol)
so after the wax museum we went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium (can you even believe how great advertising this is for them all???). it was so insanely cool. there’s not much i can really say about it, because it would be ruined if you went i suppose, and it’s all so different… but it was way cool. i recommend going if you’re in new york city πŸ™‚

okay so Saturday started horrible, as i said. so… we were plaaning to go to MoMA on Saturday morning- one of my favorite places which houses my favorite painting, Starry Starry Night. well it was raining on Saturday… and when it rains, people try to do things indoors. so we get to MoMA, and the line of people stretches down a sidewalk and around a corner. great. so we ask someone who works there- about how long is this line? they say probably about 45 minutes. we’re like we’re not gonna stand in line in the rain for all that time. also, my mom figured it had just opened so that was probably a reason why so many people were there too, so we went and sat in the Hilton hotel for about a half hour because we thought maybe the line would be shorter then. well, by then it was around two corners. soooo, my mom said we should go to museum of natural history, and she really wanted me to see this one room- the gem room. so we get a cab, helped by the Hilton staff people, and head to the museum of natural history. so we’re there, and i am not enjoying it. because A that’s jsut not my thing, and B i was really disappointed still about MoMA (oh yeah- C the gem room was closed!!! THAT WAS THE WHOLE REASON WE WENT REALLY!). so we finally decide after just a little while to leave. well we walk around, WITH our map, for about a half hour trying to find our way to where we checked our umbrella and a shopping bag. we FINALLY find the entrance to the main lobby thing. so we go to get our stuff- the line is long and there are two people working there. my mom is very annoyed. there’s a point where a guy is trying to check his umbrella and stuff and they “cant find room for it” or whatever (quotes because there was so much open space around).Β  my mom YELLS at the people (honest to god just yells…) something along the lines of “IF YOU WOULD LET ME GET MY STUFF THERE WOULD BE ROOM FOR HIS” except in her words which were different… but along those lines. so then we’re out of there… now here’s a little fun fact: Finding a cab in NYC is insanely hard. finding a cab in NYC in the pouring RAIN is impossible. so we need to get to a theater because we’re going to see the best show ever, Wicked. so we start walking and if we can’t get a cab (which we CANT) we need to walk about 20 blocks probably more to get to food and the theater. buuut… then we come to the subway. so my mom buys two ticket type things (on one electronic pass) to go on the subway. she slides it through once and goes through. she slides it through again for ME, and it WILL NOT WORK. so she yells at me to crawl under the turn-y thingy. i refuse cuz that’s horribly embarrassing. she yells at me. i go. i;m really upset. we get down to where the car thingies come… we need to get on A. there is no place to wait for A- only B and C. my mom asks someone, he tells us. i know that didn’t sound so horrible, but it was. that’s where it ends. πŸ˜› so then we get to a food place, i get food, etc… we go to wicked and it is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my life. like I’m not kidding. I’m wicked happy (wow I’m reading it back to edit it… i didn’t even realize that when i was writing it lol!). YAY!!!! then after the show it’s about five… and i think that’s about when we ate food again. and then we walk around a bit, i find a souvenir for the one person i failed at finding one for before… we go back to our hotel the end. next morning (AKA this morning) we go to my friend phoebe’s apartment thingy for brunch. amazing time… so much fun… yay πŸ™‚ get on the train, and that’s how i got where i am now. the end πŸ™‚

PS i woulda posted from NYC itself but the internet in our hotel room hardly worked. like they had wi-fi and everything, but even with the computer plugged in with a cable thing it didn’t work. oh well… my trip overall was pretty amazing!!! πŸ™‚


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